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Fat Burning Body Wrap

slender tone wrap
Ready to lose inches fast?
  Our Fat Burning Body Wrap is the answer!

The Fat Burning Body Wrap breaks down hard fatty tissue, removes stubborn cellulite, and helps you lose inches fast!

How does it work?
This specially formulated body wrap contains an enzyme solution called Lipase*. Lipase is actually an enzyme the body creates naturally to help break down fat! The porous body wrap bandages are soaked in this exclusive solutions, then skillfully applied to achieve maximum inch loss while detoxifying the body.

The Fat Burning Wrap is actually delivered in two stages, back-to-back:

Stage 1
Clients are wrapped just like with the SlenderTone Body Wrap.  This time the bandages are soaked in a specially formulated Lipase solution. Clients stay in the wrap for one hour and are reapplied with the Lipase solution frequently. No inch loss happens in this part of the fat burning body wrap because the hard fat cells and tissues are being softened so better inch loss can happen in Step 2! 

Stage 2
Clients are then wrapped a second time with bandages soaking in the SlenderTone mineral solution.  Clients stay in this wrap for another hour.  Clients of the fat burning body wrap must complete the entire session with little time in-between (approximately 10 minutes) the two body wraps to lose inches fast.  And viola!  Fantastic inch loss! Reduced cellulite!  Nothing gets better than that!

This amazing fat burning body wrap works because the lipase breaks down harder fat tissue while the minerals in the second step help to replenish minerals in the body and continues to tighten and firm the softer tissue.  Clients will see amazing results after their first fat burning body wrap!

"I had so much trouble seeing results at the gym and my inches weren't coming off as fast as I wanted them to so I tried the Fat Burning wrap. What a process but it worked! I got great inch loss on that wrap and since then I have been losing even more each time I go back!"

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