SB’s Signature Slender Tone Plus Wrap

This wrap utilizes MSM trace minerals & an inch booster spray to help condition the skin for greater inch loss results for a first time or returning client. $139.00

Take a look at what 2 SlenderTone Plus Body Wraps can do within 2 Weeks

(Left side) Before, (Right side) Results after 2 SlenderTone Plus Body Wraps, within 2 weeks.
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Anti-Aging Wrap

The Anti-Aging Wrap has twice the amount of MSM minerals as our Slender Tone Plus Wrap and it helps to promote your skin’s health for optimal skin smoothing and tightening. $169.00

Power Energizer Wrap

The invigorating Power Wrap contains twice the amount of minerals as our Slender Tone and is designed to get you energized. It helps to promote firmer skin with a greater inch loss and cleansing experience. (A male client favorite). $169.00

Excellerator Wrap

With a combination of our Anti-Aging and Power mineral solutions, this wrap has it all. The Excellerator Wrap focuses on greater inch loss through a more rapid and intense cleansing. It contains twice the amount of MSM minerals as our Slender Tone Plus wrap to accelerate a healthy natural glow while tightening and toning the skin. $169.00

Dream Wrap

The Dream Wrap allows you to lie down and relax while receiving five times the concentration of our MSM mineral solution for greater inch loss and cleansing. $179.00

Lipase Plus Wrap (The fat burning wrap)

The Lipase Plus Wrap is a two-wrap process. The first wrap contains a Lipase Enzyme solution for 1 hour to help prepare the body’s fat cells for maximum release of impurities. The second wrap contains the Slender Tone solution for an additional hour to pull out the impurities and allow for an increased inch loss results. $250.00

Partial Wraps

Midsection Partial Wrap I $55.00
Hip & Thigh Partial Wrap I $55.00
Partial Combo Wrap I $75.00

Wrap Upgrades

Call and ask about adding an upgrade solution or wrap technique to any of our wraps for even greater results and inch loss.